How to Decorate Bay Windows

Window settings that protrude from the side or front of a building, by and large, are known as bay windows. They offer several advantages:

They look great.

They will allow more natural light into your home.

They provide a space for you to bask in sunshine of a pleasant summer day.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of a bay window is the flexibility it offers. It can be set just about however you want, and you will not be as constrained by the dimensions of the room as you would when installing a flat window. For replacement glass for your bay window, Glass suppliers Bath can help at a site like Roman Glass, a leading Glass Suppliers Bath.

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Bay Windows

The term ‘bay window’ can be applied to various structures.

There are the traditional bay windows, which consists of three windows set in 90, 135 or 150 degrees to each other.

There is also a ‘bow’ style window featuring longer, shallower arches of four or more panels. Then there are ‘oriel’ style bay windows, which are usually located on the first floor, positioned above the porch and held up by brick corbels.

A bay ‘circle’ is a window that stands up to six feet from the building to form a large glass cylinder, often covered with small cone-shaped roof. While the more traditional design is by far the most popular, there is tremendous scope as there are a variety of them.

Different styles of windows would benefit from a different style of decor. In general, if you have more space to play with, you could risk a magnificent decor without overwhelming the room. If you have a smaller window, then a subtler fine style will generally be more suitable.

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The best use for a Bay Window

When you are thinking about how to dress your windows, it’s often best to think about how you want to use the space.


You may install a home office in a bay window. You will some space for computers and chairs, along with several drawers in which to keep essential supplies. From a health perspective, the natural light is a godsend when you’re staring at a screen all day, and this type of window will give you a lot of it.


A bay window also makes a great breakfast-nook and is a pleasant way to start the day. All you need is a small table and some chairs. This sort of window also makes an excellent place to keep pot of herbs, especially if it is close to the kitchen.


As we have mentioned, the windows offer a fantastic place to relax. If the sun is in the right position, it can function like a conservatory space – and you’ll have plenty of natural light that can be used to read, write, or do a crossword puzzle. Using relaxing colours is a good idea – consider combining a pale blue and green into your décor, for example.