How to Extend the Life of Your Boiler

Heating systems and constant flows of hot water are comforts we often fail to properly appreciate. Therefore, when our boiler fails to work and breaks down, we really do notice.

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According to recent statistics, around a fifth of households experience at least one boiler breakdown every year.

Thankfully, there are some methods and techniques to reduce the likelihood of a boiler breakdown.

Understand the Boiler

Knowing how the boiler works limits complete failure because you know the warning signs to look out for and can fix any minor issues.

Read through the manual and use it as a guide for simple heating repairs.

The manual may also list interesting information on your boiler that you might not be aware of. For example, if the water pressure should usually be at one bar, anything beyond two bars can indicate an issue.

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If the water pressure displayed on your boiler is incorrect, you can attempt a repressurisation.

Ensure the Central Heating System is Intact

Keeping the complete central heating system maintained ensures it remains operational.

For example, bleeding a radiator to clear trapped air keeps the system operating efficiently. Running your heating sometimes during the summer months prevents the pipes from getting clogged up.

To keep hot water flowing correctly, switch the central heating on for 15 minutes each month, which will help prevent a boiler breakdown.

Arrange Annual Boiler Check-ups

There are many issues a heating engineer can spot that you simply cannot notice or fix without the correct tools and training.

A heating engineer will remove debris, repair any pipework that may need to be fixed, and flush the system thoroughly.

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You can rest assured that your central heating system will run more efficiently and your boiler’s lifespan will be increased with annual boiler checks.

Never attempt any complicated boiler repairs yourself because you could exacerbate the problem, damage the boiler, or create a dangerous situation. It is also against the law to tamper with certain parts of a gas boiler that you are unqualified to fix, so ensure you call an expert if you are concerned.

You should always request to see safety and registration certificates from any heating engineer dealing with a gas boiler.