How to foster a great relationship with your solicitor

The majority of people will need the services of a solicitor at some point in their lives. Whether it is the purchase of a home or a divorce, a solicitor is an important part of our culture and society. There are a lot of different types of client services within that legal world, and almost every fee-paying customer wants to be treated as number 1.

In addition, there is a high demand for lawyers. For example, the law firms who practice primarily in the areas of conveyancing, family law and wills / probate, this area is in high demand because in the course of their ordinary lives, most people buy a house, need a will executing and / or get married or divorced. Find help from a Solicitor Gloucester at a site like

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Therefore, most solicitors are busy people with a reasonable supply of clients. That’s not to say an endless supply, but enough to keep busy. Therefore, clients should be aware that while they are very important, they are certainly not the only client on the books.

Given the above, most solicitors do not have time for difficult clients, or clients with unrealistic expectations. This kind of behaviour causes unneeded stress for the solicitor and creates a toxic environment to work in. It is normal human nature to work better and communicate more effectively in an environment that is positive, not negative. This is a great revelation – but remember, as a client – you too need to help build up the dynamics of the relationship along with your solicitor.

So, what should you do to build a positive relationship with your law firm? Here are some tips:

  1. Be polite – Afford your solicitor the same courtesy that you want to in your own work;
  2. Keep expectations realistic – do not expect everything to be completed in one day. Solicitors have a lot of paperwork to deal with, and a good one understands the importance of sending “quality” work, not just a “rush” job. You cannot really put a time limit on quality;

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  1. Check with your solicitor that you respect his / her schedule – and are not constantly asking night and weekend meetings. Every now and then can be fine but put yourself in the position of the solicitor and recognize that they have a family as well and also need to take care of their personal lives. Most solicitors try and work regular business hours, and this means that you may need to take some time off work during the day to make your appointment;
  2. Do not ask your solicitor for a discount – they studied at college for a long time to do what they do and spent a lot of money to be where they are. While most go to work everyday to effectively serve clients and provide honest and helpful advice, they also want to provide for their family and enjoy the fruits of their hard work. When a client attempts to negotiate a reduced fee, it could set a negative tone for the relationship.