How to keep your truck safe on the road

There are three elements to keeping your truck safe on the road: maintenance, security and awareness. By keeping your truck in good running order, with a well-secured load and steps taken to ensure visibility and awareness of other road users, you will keep yourself, and others, safe on the road.

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Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your truck in optimal condition. Regular servicing of your vehicle will pick up any major issues; in addition, it is important to schedule basic daily, weekly or monthly checks of tyres, brakes and fluids.

– Check tyres: are they correctly inflated and are the treads still adequate?
– Test brakes: are they making unusual squealing or grinding noises? It is crucial that brakes are in top condition, so regularly check the airlines and air bags.
– Check fluids: regular oil and brake fluid checks are essential, along with transmission fluid, coolant and windscreen washer. Top us as necessary and change when required.


Keeping your cargo secured is good practice if you do not want to lose a load or cause a blockage or accident. Make sure your truck is fitted with multiple anchor points and use high-quality ties with a high weight rating. The use of a bed rail and bed liner will help to protect your truck from damage and will prevent a load sliding around in the back. A heavy duty cover that locks in place and keeps everything safe and secure is another wise investment, especially as this can make your truck more aerodynamic and help with fuel economy.

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Trucks are involved in half the accidents involving cyclists on UK roads. The reason for this is that cyclists can find themselves in your blind spot – did you know that as many as a dozen cyclists could be invisible to you as you manoeuvre around a corner? It is essential to be aware of other road users, which is why truck camera systems from trusted suppliers such as are such a worthwhile investment when it comes to safety.

Keep truck windows clean on the inside and outside, replace worn wiper blades when necessary, and top up windscreen fluid. Maximum visibility leads to maximum awareness, which can help to avoid unnecessary accidents.