How to Let Users Help Develop Your Website

Every business wants their website to be a success. Some businesses spend thousands of pounds on their website, but despite this they still don’t notice an increase in engagement or sales. If you can relate to this, you may need to let users help develop your website. Businesses need to know exactly what their users want from their website, because if they don’t, they may find customers stop using their website.

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Here are three ways that you can let users help develop your website.

Focus on Functionality Rather Than Beauty

It can be tempting to fill your website with HD videos, high-quality images and huge chunks of text, but this may slow your website down. This is bad for business as most users will quickly leave a website that loads slowly, even if it looks good.

Go through your website on a few different browsers and find out if it runs slowly on any of them. It can also be useful to see if the videos will still load on each browser. If you notice that the website isn’t fully functional on one browser, you may want to consider a website redesign.

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Consider Your Audience

Lots of businesses spend time thinking about what they want out of their website. They know that they want lots of traffic, increased engagement and more sales, but they don’t think about what their users want.

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This is a big mistake. The best way to improve your website is to consider the needs of your users. For example, nowadays people spend more time on the internet on their mobiles than they do on desktops, which means that all businesses should make sure that their websites are mobile optimised, or run the risk of missing out on users.

Communicate With Your Audience

If you want to know what your users want, just ask them! You can send out a newsletter to your current customers, or you could post a survey on your website. Ask your customers lots of questions, such as ‘what do you come to do on my website?’ ‘What would you change about the website?’ What does the website need?’