How to make sure the rain doesn’t ruin your marquee wedding

You’ve found a venue, set a date, and now you can’t wait to get stuck into the finer details of your wedding! As you begin your search for marquee hire companies in the county, you’re struck with a sudden sense of panic: what if the good old Kent weather takes a turn for the worse and all of your guests get wet? Don’t worry; there are ways that you can prepare for adverse weather conditions when you are planning a marquee wedding.

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Find the right company

When you are looking for marquee hire companies in the area, you will want to find a reputable company with experience dealing with the infamous UK weather. If they’ve hired their equipment out over the course of the years, they will be be in a good position to have contingencies in place and quick to come up with alternative solutions to make your day go forward without a hitch. An expert blog can provide you with some pointers for picking a suitable marquee hire company.

Factors to consider

When discussing your requirements with your marquee hire company, they will likely advise you to opt for a hard floor. Even the hottest months in the UK aren’t reliable enough to rule out rain, so you should always prepare for the worst-case scenario and avoid a mud bath for a venue. Wood floor systems allow for a gap between the ground and floorboards so water can drain away underneath as opposed to being soaked up like a carpet would. Similarly, the fitter will need to fit guttering to avoid roof leaks.

Even though these elements address the interior of your venue, you also need to think about the exterior. The last thing you want is guests walking in muddy footprints or dripping water onto your clean wooden floorboards and creating a hazard (and mess!). Talk to your hiring company about the positioning of toilets (preferably close to the main marquee with an adjoining roof) and also the use of temporary paths across any grassy areas in preparation for the arrival of guests. If you’re still looking for professional marquee hire in Kent, take a look at sites such as 2 In Tents (

There is one more thing you can do to prepare: add umbrellas to your wedding stationery order!