How to Pressure-Wash Your Drive

Whether you want to keep up with a neighbour’s brand new driveway or want to increase your property’s curb appeal, pressure washing brings your drive back to looking its best.

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If you find yourself annoyed each time your car pulls up on to your driveway due to its dirty and worn appearance, save yourself hundreds of pounds on the cost of a new drive.

Here we discuss how to pressure-wash your drive instead.

Steps to Pressure-Wash Your Drive

1. Firstly, clear the drive of any vehicles, children’s toys or other obstacles and familiarise yourself with the washer manual.

2. Get the pressure washer ready by connecting the 25-degree nozzle to the garden hose. For Briggs and Stratton parts, enquire with a company such as

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Turn on the hose and wash the drive to remove any loose debris such as grass, pebbles and leaves.

3. Now apply detergent to the drive. Read the manual of your pressure washer to ensure you use the recommended driveway detergents that are compatible with your washer.

Connect the soaping nozzle to your washer, which is designed to drench the driveway rather than blast it clean.

However, be careful of environmental pollution in your choice of cleaning chemicals.

It is likely that the cleaners you use will be washed into a drain and pollute local streams and your lawn, so be responsible with your choice.

Let the detergent sit on the drive for around five minutes before washing it off.

4. As the detergent has sat there and broken down the stains, grime, dirt and mildew from the drive, it is time to wash it away.

Connect the attachment for surface cleaning, which will clean the drive faster and more thoroughly as it disperses water over a wider area.

As well as lowering the risk of damage to concrete due to high pressure, the pulsing flow of the water tears the grime and dirt from the surface.

5. Use a rotary nozzle to remove very stubborn dirt and stains. Similar to a surface cleaner, a rotary nozzle also pulses and rotates the water to give it a greater force and peel away the areas of grime and dirt from the surface of the drive.

6. Give your drive a final thorough rinse by attaching the 25-degree nozzle. This will wash away all the detergent.