How to Update your Kitchen – And Enjoy the Time you Spend in it

The kitchen does feel like it is one of the most demanding and expensive things in the home to update – after all, it has a lot of expensive appliances in it, not to mention cupboards, walls windows and so on. But this does not have to be the case – you can enjoy the time you spend in your kitchen more and update it without the scary price tag!

When it comes to kitchen units, you do not need to replace the whole thing – as long as the insides of the cupboards are fine to still be used, just replace the front of them as this is the part you can see and can make a dramatic difference to the look of the place, whilst costing a lot less than having whole new units put in would do. The handles on the cupboard doors themselves are another thing that it is inexpensive to update, and seems like a small thing, but changing them to a more modern chrome, or even painting the ones that you already have, can make an enormous difference.

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With any room, one of the best and also cheap ways to update it is to treat the walls to a fresh new coat of paint. Make sure that you get a durable paint that is specifically designed for kitchen walls – this way it will last a lot longer and look fresher for longer as well. Think about what colours you have in the kitchen and what sort of effect you want to achieve and treat the kitchen to a coat of paint. It really makes a huge difference.

Think about the floor – it is probably one of the most used floors in the entire home, so will wear quicker than the others. It does not have to be a large or expensive job either. If you do want to give the kitchen a dramatic new look then go for tiles. For a warmer feel, wood flooring works well. You do not even need to buy new flooring if you don’t want to – update the kitchen by simply painting an existing wooden floor with floor paint. Choose a light airy colour to make the room vibrant and fresh looking, or something darker for a dramatic look that really makes a statement.

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Looking from the window – We all spend a lot of time at the sink looking out of our kitchen window – so if this looks out onto your back garden, give yourself a treat to look at outside as well. Corten metal garden sculptures from are a great addition to make your garden really good looking, or if you are feeling more daring, put a pond in and attract wildlife to watch.