How to use email marketing for SEO gains

SEO practitioners are often heard to utter words like meta data, rich content, and optimised landing pages. And that’s not uncommon, after all, these activities are part of the backbone of many SEO strategies. There’s a little secret that many SEOs don’t always talk about though and that is the power of email marketing as a handy little tool to get some SEO gains. Yes, really.

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Bounce rates are low

You probably already know that people arriving at your website as a result of an email they received are likely conversions ready to go. Their engagement with your site drives down the overall bounce rate you see in Analytics, and as we know, Google loves a low bounce rate as an indicator of how authoritative and high performing a website is.

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Focus content, keep it evergreen

Content, if it isn’t already, should form the biggest and most time-consuming part of your digital marketing strategy as it is powerful and it works. Putting together well-rounded, informative, and shareable content isn’t the quickest or most relaxed of marketing activities though. Almost every market is competitive and that means marketers have to work harder to make content go further.

This is where email marketing can offer marketers a useful content hack. A lot of long-form content can be repurposed into a sequence of emails, with refreshing designed for a highly focused audience – something you aren’t able to cater to as finely when writing for the web. It’s a niche hack, but one worth asking companies like White Label SEO Services about.

Boosts engagements CTA

When you build CTAs for a website, there is the challenge of trying to target a wider audience. The great thing about using CTAs in email is the scope for much more personalisation. If you have smaller audience segments that you know are more likely to engage with content they can download, then you can include a download link. Companies offering White Label SEO services will often advise on your target audiences.

Engagement boosts can also come in the form of social interactions, digital ones that is. As trust signals become more and more ingrained in everything we do as consumers, we are then more likely to share things that pique our interest when they land in our inbox. Your customers are doing that too.