If you need him he is always listening

Last night I was flicking through the TV channels desperately trying to find something to watch. After surfing through what felt like hundreds of channels I was about ready to give up when I stumbled across an episode Frasier. Now that’s a program worth watching! I had forgotten how much I enjoyed watching Martin and Frasier desperately trying to create a meaningful father son relationship; the will they won’t they feel of Frasier and Roz relationship; Niles falling deeper and deeper in love with Daphne whilst she is blissfully unaware and not forgetting the adorable and ever humorous Eddie rolling around on Frasier’s expensive sofa. I have one that looks very similar to the one I purchased from Sofas Gloucester firm https://www.gloucestersofasandbeds.co.uk/sofas/

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Anyway, it got me thinking about my favourite episodes, so here are just a few of them:

  • Ham Radio – In this incredibly funny episode Frasier has a burning desire to put on a classic radio drama and opts for Nightmare Inn which is an Agatha Christie style who-dunnit. But as is inevitable with Frasier and his need for everything to be one hundred percent perfect and just as he wants it his over directing ruins the whole performance.
  • The Ski Lodge – If you are a fan of comedy borne out of classic misunderstandings between people then this is a great episode to watch. After Roz wins a weekend away in a ski she trades it in to Frasier. He decides to invite along his family and Daphne invites her friend Annie. Hilarity ensues when Frasier become smitten with Annie who in turn likes Niles, who himself is lusting after Daphne who has a crush on their ski instructor Guy who also is interested in Niles. Poor old Frasier doesn’t have anyone lusting after him. There is lots of bed hoping and identity confusions.

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  • The Innkeepers – Frasier and Niles open up their luxury restaurant “Les Frères Heureux” (The Happy Brothers) and with these two at the helm it is destined for disaster. And boy does it go spectacularly wrong. After a mass walk out by all the staff including the waitresses and the chef after Niles and Frasier keep changing the menu choices, the sprinklers inadvertently coming on and soaking all the guests and just to make sure the night is a complete nightmare a car crashes through the wall of the restaurant.

What is your favourite episode?