Is Your Washroom Deterring Customers?

When customers or clients visit a washroom, they no longer wish to merely use a functional washroom; they now prefer a much friendlier experience. A poor toilet facility does not reflect well on a business and can leave a customer feeling dissatisfied with their visit.

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Hygiene and cleanliness are imperative to providing a satisfactory washroom, but it is also important to think about how appealing the space is, which could help when it comes to repeated visits for the business.

Keeping a Washroom Looking Clean

According to the British Toilet Association, having access to a clean and hygienic toilet when we need one is a fundamental human right. When a business’s washroom is clean and hygienic, it gives a good impression of the company and shows that they care about their customers.

If a toilet facility is dirty with bins that overflow or sinks that are covered with sticky soap or paper, it does not give a good impression of the company. If customers see that the washroom is dirty, they might think that the kitchen is also unclean. Some businesses use a Hygiene Solutions company such as to keep their washrooms looking clean at all times.

Creating a Welcoming Space

When visiting a washroom, first impressions count. If your space is clean and you use washroom services Gloucestershire to maintain your space, the next step is to think about how to make your washroom more appealing to customers. Think about how large your space is. Is it big enough for customers to sit and take some time away from the hustle and bustle?

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Some businesses decide to brand their washrooms in the same style and colours as the rest of their company, creating a professional look and leaving the customer with no doubt as to where they are. This can make your toilet facilities seem significant to the customer, giving them a sense of security in your business. Other businesses prefer to create a homely, traditional feel by using accessories such as freshly laundered individual hand towels and attractive soaps and moisturisers to entice the customer to return. Whatever you choose, try to ensure your customer will feel comfortable and happy.

If your company’s washroom is clean and welcoming with attractive décor and unique facilities, your customers will be sure to return again and again.