Key Considerations When Choosing Business Premises

Whether you are setting up for the first time or have decided to relocate your business as it continues to grow, choosing the right location can be a crucial factor in determining the success of your operations. Here are some key things to consider when moving offices.

Transport networks

Your business premises should ideally be located in an area that is easy to get to and from. According to the BBC an efficient transport network enables staff to get to work easily. It also allows supplies to be brought in and products moved cheaply and quickly.

Customer base

When deciding where to locate your business, take into consideration whether your customer base is present in that area. If you are reliant on customers visiting your premises, then this will be of top priority. For those businesses that conduct most of their work over the phone or via their website, this may not be so important. If your customer demographic profile does not fit in with the area you are located, you may not achieve your maximum sales potential.


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When choosing the location of your business premises, take into consideration how easy it would be recruit suitable employees in that area. According to Entrepreneur for firms that need specialised employees, relocate to an area where you can easily find these kinds of employees.


Moving business premises is a costly and disruptive affair, so it is not something that most businesses will be keen to do on a regular basis if they can at all help it. When deciding on your business location, consider how flexible the new premises will be if you decide to expand in the future or want to adapt the business somehow. If there are options to do this on site, this is a favourable aspect to consider.


Pay attention to the amount of footfall your business may get based on where you intend to locate it. If you rely on customers visiting your premises, choose somewhere with a good footfall, easy access and parking, for example. See if those businesses located nearby would attract the same kinds of customers as your own. In particular, retail and business parks are becoming increasingly popular.

Prime locations will inevitably cost more to rent or buy, so consider how important it is to base your business in such an area. Capital cities tend to cost more than other cities and towns, but you may find opportunities just as fruitful in places that do not demand top fees. This may be an especially important factor for start-up businesses with limited budget. Some locations may qualify for incentives such as tax breaks, so it is worth looking into this in an effort to reduce your overheads. As well as cutting back on costs, you may find that you can offer lower salaries compared to capital cities that command higher rates of pay.

Location and nearby attractions

Having the luxury of being able to take clients and staff alike out for trips be it to a local pub for lunch or coffee shop for an informal chat can often be a very lucrative decision.  Equally corporate days out in Dublin are a great idea and if you are located to attractions it makes for an easy transition.  Services like this can be provided by