Key design tricks for bathroom renovations

A stunning bathroom is one of the key features that home buyers look for. It adds comfort and style to your home and thousands of pounds to its value. If you have purchased a home with a lacklustre or old bathroom, this could be the ideal DIY project for this year. You could even add another bathroom or shower room.

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With a little investment and a lot of imagination, you could soon have a gorgeous bathroom that will make you proud.

Why bother renovating a bathroom?

Bathrooms matter when it comes to house prices and contribute to the ease of selling a home. According to a survey by the Nationwide Building Society, if you add an extra bathroom to your home, it could increase its value by up to 5 per cent. For an average UK home, that is around £9,600.

Bathroom renovation may appear daunting at first, but with the right products, it can turn into one of the most rewarding renovation projects you can undertake.

Getting the design right

Making the most of the space that you have is essential. There are a few key elements that must be included. A toilet and wash hand basin are the basics. These days, a shower is just as essential. You can maximise your space and create a stunning look with a wet room layout using 12mm shower glass panels. When you choose the right panels for your space from a supplier such as, you are guaranteed quality and style.

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For a family bathroom, a bath is preferable. You could use a bath-shower to make the most of the space.

Making a small space look bigger

A small bathroom does not have to look small. You can create the illusion of space by using huge mirrors that stretch from the floor to the ceiling or from one wall to another.

If mirrors are not to your liking, you can create a spacious feel by sticking to the same tone of paint on all the walls, the ceiling and the woodwork. This tricks the eye into thinking that the space is bigger than it actually is. You should also avoid open shelving and clutter of any kind.

With just a few creative touches, you can have a chic and functional bathroom that will be the envy of your friends.