Making the best of the good summer weather!

Are you planning to make the most of the good weather, and looking for ideas to benefit from the increase in trade?

Making the best of the good summer weather

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The heatwave has been good news for the catering industry as more and more British holidaymakers opt to take a ‘staycation’. This is good news for catering business owners, particularly those based in coastal locations which should enjoy the maximum spike in trade.

Preparing for the summer rush

Smart restaurant, cafe and bar owners are preparing for the tourist and visitor economy by putting on special offers and ensuring their premises -and menus look tip top. Seasonal campaigns can work very well – for example, money off vouchers or special deals in the local travel press or on visitor websites. Cool and seasonal cocktail offers are superb for premises near areas of high footfall, and quick lunchtime menus are ideal for attracting the working business customer – especially if you have outdoor space to offer. 

Consider aesthetics

Make sure your terrace area is clean, inviting and welcoming. If you are planning on setting up in a field, why not invest in a hand propelled petrol lawn mower by it will keep the grass even and won’t take long to do.  After all everyone likes a well-trimmed field to sunbathe on whilst sipping on a refreshing cocktail or slurping on their first “99”

Invest in sunscreens such as a canopy or parasols and make sure the furniture is completely clean and free from irritating wobbles. Make sure your tableware is lighter and brighter to best showcase your fresh seasonal menus.

Staff up!

You’ll want to look at staffing very carefully as you approach the busy period, ensuring you have sufficient flexible cover to manage fluctuations. Don’t rely purely on temporary staff – long term and experienced staff often offer the best customer service and product knowledge.

Taking care of the details

The hot weather means it is essential to take care of your kitchen appliances and kit to make sure they are safe. Your fridge freezer in particular may struggle when the temperature rises, so it’s a good time for a service, a thorough clean and a check that the internal temperature is being maintained. Food must be stored and prepared extra carefully when the weather is hot as the risk of bacteria increases.

So remember, take care of the front and back end details and prepare yourself for the summer rush!