Marketing Milestones

Good marketing can have a fantastic impact on the growth of a brand. Marketing can reach out and make us connect with some universal truth which will stick in our heads and be remembered for a long time after the campaign has finished running. For a branding agency Cardiff, visit Let’s take a look at some of the most successful marketing campaigns and why they were so effective:

Nike – initially Nike only really sold to marathon runners but when exercise regimes and fitness really took off, Nike decided to up their game to try to beat competitors Reebok who had a bigger share of the market. The Just Do It campaign was an incredible success. In a decade Nike’s sales went from $800 million to $9.2 billion. It managed to hit a core emotion that we feel when we have to push ourselves, like exercising. It was short and very catchy.

Coca-Cola – recently the soft drink giant decided to change the way it advertised its products and instead of focusing on each individually, it brought all labels under a one brand strategy. By adopting ‘Choose Happiness’, the consumer was invited to think that the range included something to suit everyone. A more inclusive campaign that aims to portray Coca-Cola as one brand with many different options.

Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die – this started life as a safety training video at a train company in Melbourne, Australia and went on to become truly global and be sung by many people, all over the world! It combined a memorable tune and cute cartoon characters. Children loved it and adults appreciated the dark humour. Within a day of it’s launch, the song reached the top 10 chart on itunes.

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Red Bull: Stratos – even though this was not billed as a marketing strategy, it was a mega-stunt that was all about branding. The Stratos stunt followed Felix Baumgartner as it did a freefall jump from 24 miles above Earth. He became the first human to break the speed of sound without an engine and even though it was a scientific event of some magnitude, the brand name was all over it. This was a new face of marketing, one that made marketing an action and not a message. It was a stroke of genius, boosted their sales by 7% and was the most watched live stream to date.

Dove: Real Beauty Campaign – this was a campaign that not only aimed at selling products but wanted people to question society’s opinions and preconceptions about beauty. Social media helped for this campaign to quickly go viral as billboards asked if women were ‘fat’ or ‘fit’. It made us stop and think about the way we view women. The campaign sought women to focus on their existing attributes that made them beautiful which goes against previous beauty campaigns of the past that focused on the need for women to make themselves look more beautiful.