Mazda5 2.0 DISI I-STOP: Handy To The Max

If you are thinking of buying a minivan, you sure want to know the answers as soon as possible. Well, it cannot be said that this new Mazda5 is the most practical, but the Mazda5 also does not envy their European rivals at all. And if it did not exist the Ford C-Max would even be more practical. Because its distant relative of Ford also adopts the lateral sliding doors of electrical opening, an element that elevates to the maximum the practicality and until now only it was offered in large MPV.

Speaking of size, does not it seem small on the outside? Above all, I see it very low and, before starting the test I think it will be less habitable than a Renault Grand Scenic. I am wrong in comparing the measurements because the Mazda5 offers five inches more for the legs and four inches in height. They are the things of the design, the effects of a much-curved form and the decision to lower the height of the suspension. Now I go up to Japan to tell you what it’s like inside. In addition, it already has daytime lights.

Order and space

Like the previous 5 and Primacy, this Japanese overuse of the plastics in the console and those demerits a set of solid adjustments. Everything is tidy, two large clocks facilitate reading and, right between them, it opens a change of gear indicator. Efficiency has reached the Mazda5 and this 2.0 engine DISI presumes to spend 13% less than its predecessor. How? Well with that indicator and a Start-Stop system that works great. In this way, it manages to leave the average consumption during the test in 8.1 liters, which is not bad for a  151hp petrol but is far from the promised 6.9 in the datasheet. I recommend a diesel option because you also gain in resilience.

I stretch the six speeds of the change and feel a better response from 3,000 laps, but underneath it falls short. I would need more torque that forces me to hurry up the cuentavueltas and, with that, increase the expense. You already know the main defects of the new Mazda5, now you are going to see a handful of virtues. They all have to do with space, versatility, and practicality.

Underneath its body hides an interior where up to seven people can travel as standard. Yes, in this model the third row is not optional. Emerge with an easy maneuver and get you out of a hurry. Equally simple is to convert the second row into two separate seats. And even more comfortable is to enter thanks to the sliding side doors of electric opening. Travel travelers will appreciate a comfortable suspension and will only stop if the 2.0 DISI engine asks you for soup.


Designed to travel with family, the new Mazda5 dynamites its design and increases the practicality of the interior. It displays up to seven seats, offers a very comfortable access and has more than complete equipment series. It is also somewhat more expensive than its rivals and would suit a good diesel engine like those used by the Mazda6.