Myths about mobile homes

If you have recently retired, maybe you’ve been considering downsizing into a park home? There are many benefits, such as being more affordable, easier to maintain and a safe community atmosphere. Perhaps you’ve also heard some negative reviews about living in a park home and want to separate fact from fiction. Here are some common misconceptions about life in a park home:

Myth 1 – Hidden Costs

It is often said that purchasing a park home is too good to be true and that there are hidden costs that come as a nasty surprise. Myths abound that site owners add on extra costs to the final bill, making the home much less affordable than initially believed. Whilst it is true that there are costs for water, electricity and gas – this is the case for all properties. Being smaller though, they will take less heating. Site owners are also legally not allowed to add extra charges to utility bills.

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Council tax will need to be paid if the property is your main residence, but these rates are discounted. There will also be monthly maintenance fees for the site, but this is not hidden and is the same as if you lived in an apartment. For attractive Mobile Homes Gloucestershire, visit

Myth 2 – Poor Construction

As with any item, quality varies but the idea that all park homes are badly made is a fallacy. Recent build quality has improved significantly, and homes are now built to residential specifications. Not all park homes are built the same, as holiday homes, static caravans and lodges don’t need to be built to residential standards. By grouping all such homes into one block is not painting an accurate picture. Like any property, the upkeep and maintenance are your responsibility, just as it would be with a bricks and mortar house.

Myth 3 – Lose Value

Those who haven’t done their research might have heard that such homes lose value quickly. This can easily put off potential buyers but there is no basis to this myth and no data to suggest this is the case. Value will fluctuate just as any property value fluctuates. Value is linked to factors like location, upkeep, size, age and the land the home sits on. Land prices are increasing, as is the popularity of these homes, so there is no reason to suggest a loss in value.

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These homes are a great option for both holiday home investment and for living in for retired residents. They offer affordable, peaceful and comfortable living in attractive locations.