Online Clothes Shopping – Useful Tips For A Perfect Fit

Online shopping is getting more and more popular and everything can be bought online now, from food, to electronics, to experiences and days out – everything is at our fingertips. Online clothes shopping is a huge part of the online consumer world, but the problem is, as much inspiration and amazing deals can be found with online clothes shopping, the clothes themselves do have to fit us when they reach us. Reviews can be helpful, but only really when it comes to quality, not the fit of the clothes because it is so individual to the person. Here are some useful tips to help you find the perfect fit when buying clothes online:

Note Down Your Actual Measurements

Knowing you are roughly a size 10-12 is useful when shopping in-store, but not online. Even if you have what some would class as the perfect size 10 measurements, that doesn’t mean the online shop make clothes to match those measurements, which is why you need to actually measure yourself. Get a tape and measure your chest, shoulders, waist, hips, length of arm (shoulder to wrist), leg length and shoe size (width as well). Neck circumference and bra size are also useful to know.

Use The Shops Size Chart

The shop will have a size chart somewhere, which you can use in combination with your measurements, so you know exactly what measurements they class as a size 16.

Which Retailers Fit You Well?

Some shops will sell clothes that just look rubbish on you. That is just the way life is, not every brand suits every person. Know and understand which retailers suit you and fit you well and stick to using them online. Obviously if you find a really cool online ladies fashion store, it is worth trying an item or two from there to try them out, especially if they have great items or discounts and you have never tried them before. But try to avoid buying from brands you know don’t work for you.

Visit A Shop In Person

If you are going to spend a lot on an item – visit the shop and try it on before you buy online. There’s nothing wrong with trying it on in the shop and then making the most of online discounts.

Read The Returns Details


Sometimes items of clothing won’t fit you right or look right on you, in which case you will need to return those items. Read the returns policy upfront, as you might get a chunky bag on free delivery from them, but if you return it you might have to pay the expensive return postage charges.

Try To Look At Pictures Of Models Or People That Have The Same Shape As You

It can be all too easy to see an item of clothing on a model that is completely different to you, and think that you will look the same, then the item gets delivered and it sits completely differently on your body. Try to find pictures of someone with the same body shape as you on the site, or even write the item of clothing down into a search engine and see if the images come up with different people wearing the item – you’d be surprised how many different pictures come up. This can be really useful when assessing what kind of fit the item will have on your body type.

Remember Your Body Type

Have your body type in mind at all times when you are online shopping. You know you have long legs, so certain dresses will be like tops on you. Or you have a large bust in which case certain tops will be like belly tops on you. Understand your body shape and have that in mind when you are shopping, consider the kind of clothes you know suit you and flatter your body shape.


The best thing about shopping online is the fact that all the different options are at your fingertips. So although one shop might not have your perfect top in the right material and size, the next online retailer might – no need for traipsing around the shops looking!