Perfect Party Games

If you are holding a family party anytime soon, then you will want to have loads of ideas ready to keep everyone entertained. We have all heard of the classic Charades but there are many other games that are simple, quick and only require some added imagination.

Most of the games require some acting and this is what causes the hilarity. Take the Strange Disease Diagnosis game for example. One person is the doctor and everyone else patients, each with a unique and horrible disease. Each person has to act out their affliction while the doctor guesses what it is. This has the potential to be strangely amusing.

You might think that Musical Chairs is just a game for little children but you’d be wrong. This game can be adapted to be played by anyone and will cause much merriment if the rules are relaxed to allow sitting on anything, including each other, as long as your feet don’t touch the floor.

If you have plenty of toilet roll to spare then try the Mummy game. Two teams race against each other to wrap someone up completely to create their very own Mummy. Create your own rules as to coverage and how well it has to stay on.

React and Act is another great way to spend party time together. Get together and brainstorm bizarre situations to react to. Write them down and pop them in a hat. Each person picks one and has to act out the reaction with everyone else guessing what it is. Be prepared for some side-splitting action.

For larger party organising, there are giant games available and even rodeo style hire equipment for the ultimate party hilarity. A family favourite is the Tornado Arm sweeper game. Recreate all the challenges of a real life game show with this fantastic inflatable game. For more information, visit

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Dancing Chain is fun one to try. One person starts with a dance move, then the second person adds to it and this goes round the entire group until you’re back to person one. The routine has to be remembered and added to or you are out. Extremely funny but only for the agile, the last thing you want is for Aunty Doris to put her hip out!

One of my personal favourites and one which the kids will love is Sticker Stalker. Give everyone at the party a supply of individual stickers. Throughout the party, the aim is to get rid of all your stickers by attaching them to people without them noticing. The winner is the person who has no stickers left and has not been caught red-handed.

Two Truths and a Lie is another very easy game to play and requires no setup. Each person tells two truthful things and one lie about themselves and the rest have to work together to uncover which one is the lie. A similar idea is Likes and Dislikes. At the start of the party, everyone writes down their likes and dislikes anonymously. Later when they are read out, everyone has to guess who they belong to. This will show how much you really know about your family!