What are pipe thread sealants

Pipe thread sealants are essential items that will be found in many maintenance tool boxes and are an effective means of sealing threaded pipe fittings to prevent leaks from occurring. You may even find that a Roofer Gloucester way found at sites like gloucester-roofer.co.uk/  A range of different types is available, and it’s important to choose the most appropriate one to minimise problems.

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Different pipe thread sealants

Some sealants that work as a lubricant to provide easier connections for tapered pipe threads, while others, such as silicone sealants, are used to attach to a pipe to create a strong connection. However a sealant is to be used and the type of pipe material that it will be sealing are crucial considerations when choosing the right one.


This is a lubricating strip that is manufactured from a similar material to that used for cookware, as it creates minimal friction as it guides the threads together. The PTFE tape can be wrapped round the tapered pipe thread to form a strong connection that a further thread can then be screwed into. This type of sealant is generally used on plastic male water connectors, and you can purchase specialist products for other uses, including gas tape.

Anaerobic Resin Compounds

If you’re looking for a silicon sealant provider, a type of Anaerobic Resin (AR) might be suitable because it can be put directly onto the pipe threads to form a bond. They can be efficient in extreme environments and can withstand temperatures up to a maximum of 300 degrees F and a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi. It’s essential to give the AR time to expand and fill in the holes. It should be left for 24 hours before it will form a permanent seal, but it will then be resistant to wear and cracking.

Pipe Dope

Pipe dope can be used in a variety of situations depending on the contents of the pipe and the pressure that it will be placed under. The typical uses are pneumatic, caustic and hydraulic piping, and like PTFE tape, it is applied to the pipe to act as a sealant.

Pipe dope is also an effective lubricant, which makes unthreading easy, and its low cost and easy application make it a popular choice for industrial applications. They are suitable for environments with low vibration and pressure levels and where temperatures are not expected to be too high.