Planning for a Spring Renovation

During the winter is the right time to plan a home renovation for spring. This is also the ideal time to take your mind off the bad weather outside and plan things out. This is also a good time to order a contractor, who will be quieter during winter and wanting to book in advance for spring and so on.

What are your needs?

Most likely you already have a good idea of ​​what areas of your home need to be updated but if you are not sure, winter is a good time to look around and identify problem areas. When there is a break in bad weather, go out and check for things like broken gutters, rotting wood, sidings, cracks in the driveway, stones and peeling paint. Make a list of problems, and any problem areas, so you can plan your budget and know what to talk about with your contractor when scheduling your work. Remember to book in quickly for your spring renovation. For Construction Companies In Hertfordshire, visit

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What is on your wish list?

When you have compiled a list of what needs to be done, you should also note things that are not necessarily priority but what you want to do to improve the function of your property and add value. Maybe you have long wanted a terrace, decking or conservatory. Sun space is becoming increasingly popular to add value to outdoor space.

Talk to your contractor for advice because they can advise you on what needs to be done to mark as many items as possible off your list. You also want to know how much your project will cost and how long to complete it. Starting the process during winter also gives you plenty of time before spring to collect some competitive bids and determine how much from the list you can afford.

Depending on the size of your renovation project, you also need to decide whether you will stay at home when the work is done, or whether you will be away temporarily.

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When deciding what renovations to make, you also want to think about how much longer you want to stay at the property. If you think you might sell in a few years, consider value added renovations such as new doors, sidewalls and windows. If you think you will stay in the property for the long term, then focus on renovations that will keep your home in good condition but give you useful functions as well.