Private Jet Charter: What Travelers Can Expect

There used to be at time when chartering a private jet was reserved for celebrities and politicians. However, these days it’s a travel option that all kinds of individuals are using, especially when they have to be in more than one state in a day or if they are planning an exotic vacation.

If you happen to be someone who falls into either of those categories, you’ve been thinking about chartering a private jet, and you’d like to know some specific things about what you should expect from the entire experience, this is an article that you’ll appreciate reading.

Expect a flexible schedule. When you’ve booked a reservation on a commercial plane and you miss your flight, that can be a real headache. You oftentimes have to pay additional fees and sometimes you might not be able to get another flight until the following day. This is not the case when you’re chartering a private jet, though. There are lots of planes that are ready to fly out with just a couple of hours’ notice. Plus, they will wait for you if you happen to be running late.

Expect lots of privacy. One of the main reasons why so many celebrities and politicians prefer to fly on a private jet is because it offers so much privacy. Being that there are over 5,000 airports that private jets can use, this means that you can bypass the crowds at bigger airports and leave from and arrive at smaller ones, any time of the day or night.

Expect plenty of amenities. If you’ve ever flown first-class, then you already know how much of a difference that it is from flying in the coach section. However, first-class flying on a commercial plane doesn’t even come close to flying on a private jet. That’s because there are so many amenities on private jets to choose from including the type of music and movies you want to watch, the food and liquor you wish to drink, the books and magazines you prefer to read, and some even offer fresh-cut flowers upon your request.

Expect comfortableness. AVJet Corporation is a company that sells private jets. If you were to ask them about something else that you can expect from hiring a private jet, another thing that they might mention is how comfortable private jets tend to be. A big part of it is due to their luxury furnishings. In fact, some of them even include long couches and beds that you can stretch out on once your plane is up in the air.

Expect a hefty price tag. With all of the advantages that come with chartering a private jet, it’s totally understandable that you may want to make an appointment with one just as soon as possible. However, it is a good idea to remember that amongst all of the other things that you can expect, one more is the hefty price tag that tends to come with chartering a jet. Small cabins average around $2,000 per hour, mid-size cabins are about $3,000 per hour and large ones can be as much as $7,500-8,000 per hour. For information on private jets that are available in your area, go to Google, Yahoo or Bing and put “private jets to charter” along with your city and state in the search field.