Questions you should ask when sending your child to a private school

Choosing to send your child to a one of the Gloucestershire Private Schools like is not a quick or an easy decision to make, but many make this choice to give their children access to some of the finest education there is as well as ensuring that they are taught in small class sizes and have access to a broader academic and extra-curricular curriculum.

If you are thinking of having your children educated in a private setting, here are a few questions that you may want to ask before making your final decision.

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What are the schools core values?

Whilst all private schools will have a strong focus on providing a well-rounded academic curriculum for the pupils in their care, each school will have its own set of core values that they adhere to. This may incorporate a religious element or perhaps a strong emphasis on sport or other equally as important extra-curricular activities that help to produce strong children.

What is the admission process?

The process for admission to most private schools will follow a similar pattern. A visit to the school where you discuss the individual requirements of your child, along with a tour of the school is a great starting point. After this you make your formal application and your child will sit any entrance assessments that may be provided. Once this has been analysed and the school has had a chance to look at information from your child’s previous school, in applicable, the school will then either offer or decline your application for admission.

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The price per term will depend on a number of factors include the establishment that you choose for your child, their age and level of education and whether they are day students or boarders. Bursaries and scholarships may be available and it is with speaking to your chosen school on financial options available to you. As well as paying the tuition fee there may be additional costs such as school lunches, uniform requirements, trips and extra-curricular activities, although all of these will be explained to you by the school on admission.

Class size

As this is one of the many reasons parents choose to have their children attend private schools you should find out what the class sizes are likely to be and how much individual attention your child will receive from their teacher.

There are many more questions to ask but there is a starting point for you.