Selecting the right sculpture for your home

We all want to be surrounded with beautiful objects in our home. From great design to works of art, we can choose to surround ourselves with objects that not only enhance our home but also our sense of wellbeing.

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Art is proven to decrease stress levels, making us calm and relaxed. Having paintings and sculptures in the home therefore makes sense, but how do you choose the right sculpture for your home?

Consider scale

The sculpture you choose will be an expression of yourself; however, you also need to consider the aesthetics of the room in which you have chosen to display your work of art – too large, a piece can seem overwhelming; too small, it can get lost. Think of a sculpture as a focal point that enhances the environment.

Think about tone

While a modern sculpture can look beautiful in a period setting, it is generally appropriate to match like with like. Some subjects can work in any setting, however, and a beautiful and bespoke animal sculpture by one of the best bronze animal sculpturers, such as, will provide a timeless centrepiece in a traditional or contemporary setting.

Perfect positioning

The right sculpture will lend itself to being viewed from all angles; in this way, the craftsmanship and attention to detail can be fully appreciated. Considering where your sculpture will be positioned – either in a central location, or at a turning point in a hallway, for example – will help you to determine the scale and tone for your sculpture.

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Creative with colour

It can be so easy to take the safe option when choosing a sculpture, meaning its impact is lost against the background. If you are considering a bronze equestrian sculpture, for example, consider a pedestal of a contrasting shade and display against a complementary background, such as a green wall.

Reflect the lighting

Finally, consider where your new sculpture will be most effectively lit. Daylight from a window is the perfect way to naturally enhance a sculpture, so consider a subject and a material that will look particularly beautiful when lit with natural light.

By following these considerations, you can overcome the challenge of selecting the right sculpture for your home by choosing an artwork that not only enhances your existing decor but also reveals both your personality and your good taste.