Six bold makeup trends for spring 2019

Spring is springing into life, so it’s time to refresh your makeup look with some brighter colours and bolder lines. Here are six trends to inspire you.

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1. Quirky liner

You no longer need to stick inside the lines and stay traditional with eyeliner, with spring styles to add some bounce to your look by bringing in bright colour eyeliner and eyeliner drawn in flicks along the top of the eyelid instead of along the lashes.

Make it cute with Benefit makeup roller liquid liner, which has a fine-line felt tip for precision flicks that don’t fade or smudge.

2. Fuchsia Lips

Channel pretty-in-pink spring flowers with bold fuchsia in a lip balm, gloss, stain or stick.

Go for deep pink tones and leave winter reds behind, as pink will complement fresh, glowing skin as you start to feel the joys of spring.

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3. Orange Blush

Be bright with a vibrant orange blush that will show you aren’t afraid to be a bit different.

Go for a tangerine colour or a hint of neon instead of bronzer so you don’t look like you’ve failed with the fake tan. You want something like the Benefit Majorette Booster Blush from

4. Virgin brows

If you’re feeling over drawn-in eyebrows, keep it simple with a virgin brow that looks natural but may have a little help from a clear gel to hold hair in place or a fine pencil or gel brush to fill in a little detail.

5. Bright corner

Make your eyes pop with a statement colour eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyelids.

Vibrant yellows, rich blues and rainbow stripes are some of the many options you could try. Gold and eyeshadows with metallic sheens are another good option. Why not go a little crazy and try some coloured mascaras or stick a little glitter in the corner?

6. Fresh skin

Marie Claire says dewy skin that looks like you’ve just had a facial is a key trend for spring.

Use a lightweight foundation and get your skin to shine by adding a drop of face oil to make it more radiant. Add some subtle blush or refer to our third trend for a bolder pop of orange colour to make your skin look extra juicy.