Smart Storage Solutions for a Home Garage

Garages are meant to keep cars safe and protected. However, for many people, the garage is so full of tools, bikes and old computers that there is no room for the car.

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According to the RAC Foundation, there is an ever-increasing trend to use garages for storage instead of parking.

The reasons for this are numerous, including laziness, a lack of parking skills and the tendency to store items in the garage that leave little or no room for a car.

We all know the car belongs in the garage. In its proper place, it will be safer from theft and damage along with everyday wear and tear from the weather. What can we do to make room for the car?

Storage solutions

There are plenty of inventive solutions that can enable people to store items in a more economical space, allowing the garage to be used for its intended purpose.

For example, you can use the walls for storage. There are plenty of ready-made shelves and brackets that will allow you to hang your tools, bikes and other equipment on the walls, where they are safe and ready to use. Even installing hooks and pegboards will do the job for many.

If you’re a DIY buff and use your garage for this purpose, you can even make a foldaway workbench that fits neatly into the wall space when not in use.

If your walls are already full, why not extend your storage to the ceiling? A ceiling storage system consists of special brackets on which containers rest, letting you store a huge number of items out of the way. This is great for seldom-used items, such as Christmas decorations.

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Get organised

One of the best ways of freeing up your garage is by getting organised.

You will probably find much of what’s taking up room can be thrown away or moved to the loft. What is left can then be organised into zones – such as DIY, hobbies, cycling gear or frequently-used items – away from the middle of the garage.

Once you’ve got yourself organised, you might even find that you have room for the car!