Taking the Plunge: The Art of Period Bathrooms

Our attitudes towards bathroom decor are changing. Once regarded purely as a necessary space in which to perform our ablutions, bathrooms have evolved to meet the demands of hectic modern-day life. Our bathrooms are now viewed as a retreat in which to practise relaxation and self-care, and as such much emphasis is being placed upon decorating them accordingly.

Taking the Plunge

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In keeping with our desire to create what the Daily Mail calls our ‘sanctuary of well-being’, luxurious fixtures and fittings are on the rise. And what could be more opulent than a period-style bathroom? Here are just a few of the ways that you can create a heritage-inspired vibe in your bathroom while still ensuring functionality isn’t ignored.

Free-Standing Bath

Free-standing cast iron baths are a traditional delight and have had a big revival in recent years. Many boutique-style hotels use the feature within their open-plan rooms, and now you can bring them into your home. Over-bath enclosures housing shower units are a great way to add that modern convenience to a traditional tub.

Ancient Architecture

Roman architecture plays a big part in contemporary period bathrooms, mostly due to its lavish and elegant style. Large free-standing basins with carved legs are commonly seen, and brass taps and fittings create that opulent touch. The trick is to opt for modern fixtures and fittings in classical shapes and styles, remembering that they don’t all need to be from the same era – many different styles can blend together effectively. Curved French baths (http://www.wilsonsyard.com/products/bathrooms/baths-new-cast-iron.html) alongside Roman basins and Victorian towel rails may not be from the same period, but the final look still works.

Decorative Delights

Period bathrooms were renowned for their elegant yet dramatic d√©cor, and you can replicate this with a few simple finishing touches. Although modern bathrooms tend to be tiled or painted, a bold dark wallpaper could be a great feature wall. Traditional towel racks and lighting can also help you to achieve the look, and don’t forget those traditional accessories such as vases and chairs that were commonly found in period bathrooms. For those who are committed to really nailing the look, it is worth remembering that many period bathrooms had an open fireplace within them. If you have a suitable chimney in place, this could be worth considering.