Terms and Condition for Use of Pay for Essay

There are terms and conditions for use of Pay for Essay. The customer does not use Pay for Essay if he does not agree with all terms and conditions which are important. These are following terms and condition:

  • Pay for Essay website gives the information about our services and about the process of writing the papers for academies to the visitors which are interested. The all information on this website is free for view for the visitors and also cannot be copied for commercial use. This information is used for education only. And this is also used for the reference. Guide for writing the papers and in essay writing, this information is very preferable. This information also helps in the examples of Essays which have been written by Pay for Essay.
  • This website provides the customer their original documents. These are mainly for academic use. These documents are checked by the contractors and they can transfer all the rights of management to the customers. By this term all the products and services, which are sold by this website become the property of the customer.
  • By the customers, the other services like proofreading of documents are provided. All the changes are made in requests and wishes according to the consent of the customer. The customer can retain all rights.
  • If the customer follow any link of the Pay for Essay, these terms and conditions will not apply for there. This website is not responsible for any other website. They cannot guaranteed about their liability. These terms and conditions are applied to all agreements between customer and Pay for Essay.
  • If any damage occur when this website or their services are used then Pay for Essay will not responsible for this. It will not give the guarantee about it.
  • The instruction are present in the privacy policies. For the more information and for any explanation like how we use the information from user, can be read in the privacy policy.
  • This website has full right to change the contents of this website any time without any notice including also these terms and conditions. So it is the responsibility of the customer that he should read all the terms and conditions.
  • The documents which are written by Pay for Essay are scanned by the CopyScape.com. These scans them if any wrong appropriation is present then documents will revised and make free of wrong appropriations.