The beauty of a vineyard

Wine making is a skill that dates back through the whole of human history. The discovery of the taking of grapes and letting them ferment then squishing them and drinking the juice afterwards is up there as one of the most important discoveries of the human existence. Why? Because without wine where would we be. In a poor shape it would seem as wine and the Vineyard have helped to inspire our artist and invertors though the ages. Shakespeare has written about it and if he thinks it’s important then what else could be. It’s France where the vineyard is king of the country side and it is to France that this little bit of work will look If you are looking for property for sale in France take a look at

There is no finer sight than that of a vineyard in full bloom. The regimented rows of plants all bearing beautiful fruit is a site to see. The sunlight glinting through them cast shadows on the soil. You can almost taste the wine in the bottle and imagine the pop of the cork as the first bits of liquid slowly put into the glass coating the insides. What flavours will the grape hold now that it has been fermented. What secret process have the vintners used to create this drink. It is so much more than simply grape juice. It can take on so many flavours. The smoky feel, the citrus tang and the smell of wood and berries reminding you of the fruits initial heritage, allowing you to sail away to those vineyards and all the promise of the grapes therein.

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Even the names of the regions where the wine comes from speak volumes. Beaujois, the fruity and the new, Alsace the much-disputed land for many years between France and Germany that produces the white and crisp wine that lingers with apples even when they are nowhere near an orchard. What manner of magic does the grape do here how does it achieve such flavours simple in wooden barrels. It is a natural magic that affirms your faith in life and all the wonders around you.

What then of Champagne? Even the name evokes fun and bubbles. “Come see, come see, I am drinking the stars!” said the Monk who first made the wine from the great green grape and started a lifetime of enjoyment and celebration that still holds today. Yes, when you have that bottle in your hand, feel it’s weight, it holds within it much more than a simple liquid it holds life and a way of life that can be traced back down through the centuries and back to our ancestors. When that Beaujois hits the taste buds of your tongue you are with your Father and Grandfather again united in a common love of the beauty of the vineyard.