The Benefits of Hair Extensions

If you’re considering having hair extensions but aren’t sure if it’s a good idea, here are some of the many positive reasons that girls choose hair extensions:

  1. Length

If you desire a certain length but seem to have reached a plateau where your hair won’t grow anymore, extensions can immediately get you to your desired length.

  1. Regret

Had a bad experience with a recent haircut and want to hide it? Maybe the hairdresser did exactly what you asked for, but you made a style mistake? Whatever your reason, the great thing about extensions is that clip-ons won’t affect your natural hair growth, so you can still get the look you want while waiting for your own hair to grow out.

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  1. Colour

Perhaps you want to try a dazzling new hair colour but are worried about damaging your hair or changing your mind. The bonus with hair extensions is that you can play around with different colours and shades without having to make a permanent and long-term commitment. If you change your mind, you can simply have them taken out of your hair!

  1. Volume

If you have very fine or thinning hair, your confidence might be at a low. Hair extensions offer the ideal solution for adding instant volume to your locks. There are specially designed extensions to cater for those who have fine hair or hair loss, so you can regain your mojo and have a voluminous head of hair again. Even if you have thick hair and are seeking ultra-volume or length, extensions are the perfect solution.

  1. Style

Why be stuck with the same hair style every day? With extensions, you can spice up a variety of styles with extra volume, a different colour or additional length – whatever takes your fancy. You can change a bun, a ponytail or a braid with just a few wefts – the varieties and options are endless! Why not visit a Gloucester Hairdressers today for more advice and information? Try Gloucester Hairdressers HeadKandy for all your hair needs.

They are also perfect for special occasions, such as a party, prom or wedding for example. You can have the hair style of your dreams just in time for your special occasion without spending a fortune or waiting for your hair to grow.

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  1. Damage Free

Extensions cause no damage to hair whilst taping and bonding can prevent the natural growth of hair and cause damage.

  1. Easy

Most of us are put off by a hair style that needs major maintenance. When given a choice between getting up 30 minutes earlier to deal with your do or spending that time hitting the snooze button, most of us choose sleep! The wonderful thing about hair extensions is they take virtually no time to clip in, saving you time and letting you have a little lie in too!