The Consequences Of Letting Anger Control You

Anger is one of the most powerful emotions of man. If anger can’t be controlled and you always give in to the urge of lashing out, this emotion seems to come alive with a mind of its own. Once unleashed, harsh words, angry gestures, painful blows are more difficult to control. Anger can easily make people lose their temper enough to hurt another individual. It can make them do something they’ll regret saying and doing.

Unleashing anger is one way of releasing the tension and all the pent-up emotions bottled inside. It may be liberating to finally let go of your temper, but it also causes violence and more harm than good.

Below are some of the consequences of letting anger control you.

Hurting Others
If you can’t rein your temper in, you’ll always end up hurting someone. It doesn’t matter if you say harsh words or raise your hands against another person, but you’re always going to hurt people. Words can hurt the soul, and physical blows can hurt the body. Both of these can ruin relationships to the point that it becomes irreparable. In the end, you’re going to end up losing the people you’ve hurt.

No Resolution to Issues
Anger sparks more anger. If you raise your voice and hand at another person, he can retaliate back. There’ll be more screaming and shouting, and there will be more painful words exchanged. In the end, there will be no resolution to the issues. Resentment will build; mistrust will develop; and fear and hatred will dominate the relationship. Not good if you want to keep the relationship intact.

Burned Bridges
As mentioned earlier, always letting your anger control you can easily destroy a relationship. If you’re always angry and you’re always letting it get the best of you, you’ll end up alone and miserable. After all, nobody wants to be around someone who’s angry all the time. Not only are you going to scare people away from you, but you’re also going to have a difficult time building new relationships with people.

Ruined Reputation
Anger can also ruin your reputation. Let’s say you’re running a business and you’re known for your terrible anger, who would want to work with you? Not only will you develop an ugly reputation, but you could also end up losing profits. After all, why would people patronize something from someone who hurts people, right?

If you’re an employee, you could also end up losing your job. Why would your employer keep one angry person who drives people away and creates tension? He could easily hire a much more agreeable person who can do a better job, a person easy to work with.

Legal Issues
If you’re the type who physically hurts people, you could end up dealing with a criminal case. Laying a hand on a person is a crime, and your victim has the right to file an assault and battery charge against you. If this happens, you could end up not only paying a stiff fine but spending time in jail as well. Your only hope in getting a more lenient penalty is getting a lawyer who can help defend you in court.

So don’t let your anger control you. Let these consequences help you become a better man.

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