The Difference between Bay Window vs Bow Windows

As home improvements go, it’s hard to beat the instant impact of new windows. They can bring fresh interest and elegance while injecting light and space.

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Installing bay windows or bow windows will give a renewed architectural focal point to your home. Extra space will be flooded with light thanks to the angled window panes. You may also enjoy better views compared to the visibility offered by a single flat window.  With this in mind don’t let any cracks or breakages spoil your windows by calling a Cheltenham Glazing company links like

What’s the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?

At first glance, you’d be forgiven for not really noticing a great difference between the two window styles. Both will transform the outside of your property and add a stylish edge to any room.

However, there are some distinct differences. For instance, a traditional bay window usually has just three panes of glass, compared to four or five on bow windows. As a result, the structure of a bow window is usually more curved, creating a rounder look from the outside. This semi-circular structure hints to the architectural styling commonly associated with the Victorian era. Conversely, the bold lines of a contemporary bay window are well matched with today’s modern homes.

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Due to having fewer panels, bays are often not as wide as bow windows but protrude farther out from the front of a property, adding more space to the room inside.

Bow windows, on the other hand, can be wrapped around the corner of a building, offering an attractive ‘turret’ shape on the outside while creating a cosy area inside. The additional glazing used to create a bow frequently allows a room to become flooded with natural light.

Of course, you should go with whichever style feels right for your home. For advice it’s worth consulting experts and checking out any planning permissions you may need before changing the windows in your home. This can be done via an online planning portal.

An Affordable Home Enhancement

Well-designed and perfectly fitted windows can play a major part in the energy-efficiency of a home. Escaping heat can be a costly problem, so always look at the efficiency rating of any new windows you’re thinking of having installed.

You could see major savings, making new windows an affordable long-term enhancement for you to enjoy for many years.