The effects of power outages on businesses

All businesses rely on power every day to keep this running – it’s a fact. However, when a power cut occurs, downtime can happen – and that can cost your business thousands. Sudden outages can lead to a situation that might be tricky to recover from. Make sure your business has a plan to eliminate downtime in the event of power outages will help your business reduce the potential losses that could occur because of the blackout.

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What causes power outages?

Some power outages are planned, such as maintenance and upgrades that need to happen. However, at other times, your business may experience unplanned outages. The following factors can all lead to a power outage:

Weather: Weather is one of the most common reasons a power outage occurs. Weather like winter storms, icy snaps, gale force winds and floods can wreak havoc on power lines.

Animals: Animals can come into contact with circuit breakers and transformers and cause them to shut down. Squirrels are famous for climbing electrical equipment and causing blackouts.

Vehicles: an accident can damage the poles and power lines, causing power outages.

Hardware Failure: Sometimes it can damage electrical equipment due to age or other factors. Over time, the salt water and damp or dust can affect the performance of the engine. Weather and natural disasters may increase the risk of equipment failure.

Effects on business

Large companies cannot function for long without using items such as computers, manufacturing equipment, and lighting. Companies that rely on networks and web-based technology may decline in the event of an outage. Power cuts can impact your business in a variety of ways. Each method can impact the bottom line of your business and your productivity:

Lost customers and revenues: When a power outage occurs, the site may fall and result in lost customers and lost revenue. When customers cannot access your website, they may not have a way to buy the product. This one-time power outage could have an impact on how they perceive your company. Damaged reputation can have long term effects on your income. Getting these customers back may require some serious additional marketing, which will likely prove rather costly.

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Decrease in Productivity: Any downtime from power cuts has a negative effect on employee productivity. Staff might be unable to complete their tasks when key equipment down. Also, IT employees may need to work overtime to resolve the issue or a professional may need to be employed to help recover lost data and get the system running again. However long the outage lasts for, a decrease in employee productivity can have a massive impact on your business’s bottom line. Make sure you have a backup plan. For Generator Rental, visit

Lost Data: Power outages are one of the main reasons of data loss. As operating systems are complex, they must be shut down properly. Outage causes the computer to shut down unexpectedly. Any files that you are working on may be irretrievable or corrupted. Should multiple power outages be experienced, hard drives can become damaged and have a shorter lifespan.

Damaged Equipment: Power outages can cause long term damage to your equipment. The biggest cause of power outages damage equipment is a power surge that occurs when power is restored. Not having a backup power supply is right or not to implement the protection of the waves can cause your equipment to be damaged when the power comes back online. Also, the cost to repair the equipment are unexpected expenses that could set you back.