The importance of proper flat roof construction

If you have a property with a flat roof, you may have heard about their vulnerability to problems or specific issues. A flat roof should, in theory, be no more of a problem than a regular roof, but often because of poor construction or neglect, problems that do occur can be significant.

Gravel is put onto a flat roof to give a coat of UV ray protection. Gravel is also a good way to weigh down other roofing materials, reducing the possibility of damage in high winds. Protection from UV is needed in the shingle and pebbles as they absorb sunlight, helping to stop the roofing materials becoming dry and brittle over time.

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Shingle, when applied, should be firmly affixed to the surface of the roofing material already in place. Typically, this process occurs when the asphalt is still warm or fixed with adhesive asphalt. Placing shingle or gravel onto a dry surface is a waste of time. This emphasises the importance of finding a professional company with lots of experience. Find out more about Industrial Roofers Norwich at a site like Modbay, providers of Industrial Roofers Norwich.

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Flat roofs are more exposed to the wind than traditional pitched roofs, so when the gravel is not weighted down, the nails that fix the roofing materials to the wood remain completely open and the only thing holding your roof in place against the elements of nature.