The Marketing Industry and Different Jobs in Delhi

Job prospects in Delhi are increasing day by day. Though Mumbai is still now the hub for all types of jobs, but Delhi is also not lagging behind. All corporate firms are considering Delhi as their best location. Many top companies are being set up here and they are offerings high paid jobs to deserving professionals. The capital city of India is now becoming a hot favorite for both job seekers and employers.


Numerous business companies are also setting up their branches in Delhi. It is known that any business company needs a good marketing to grab the market and sell their products. So, numerous job opportunities are also available in the marketing sector. People engaged in marketing jobs in Delhiare also making huge profit.

The marketing industry

Marketing, digital marketing particularly is emerging as an important career option for many. The action of promoting business is known as marketing. The entire act of marketing is conducted through four P’s. The first and foremost stage is the development, identification and selection of the products. The next step is the determination of its price. The next and the most important stepis selecting a channel to reach the customer and finally the implementation and the presentation of the business idea or products. You should think of the new products from the point of view of the customers and this is the only success mantra of marketing.

The purchasing power of India has increased considerably over the past few decades. This has also accelerated the market. The buyers are now more aware and more selective about the products they purchase. The marketers are also trying their best to provide new and exciting deals to the potential customers. The total consumption in the country has also increased since 2005 and is sure to increase further in the coming years. Tremendous growth has been seen in the digital marketing sector and the business made through digital marketing in 2013 was INR 3,042 crore. Experts are of the opinion that this will grow up to 35% in the coming years.

Marketing sector of Delhi

Marketing is emerging as a lucrative career option for everyone. Along with other mega cities of India, Delhi is also showing considerable growth in the marketing sector. The digital marketing field is growing too fast in the national capital offering number of jobs. This sector also provides numerous advantages for the workers and professionals. Another reason for the development of marketing sector in Delhi is the increasing size of the consumer base. The business organizations are also investing at a higher rate and the airports, entertainment centers and metros are becoming new marketing outlets.

Media vehicles also play an important role in marketing. The advertisers are offered massive opportunities by these media vehicles, though they might sound costly. Numerous e-commerce companies are there whose plan is to focus on 3600 advertising. With these companies increasing in the forefront the marketing sector in Delhi is witnessing rapid development. The government of Delhi also takes initiatives to support the marketing campaigns of such companies. The audio-visual way of marketing introduced by the government is also of great help to advertise about different products of the companies. Some other initiatives taken by the government are a co-production involving two countries namely Canada and India.

Marketing jobs in Delhi

With the huge development of the marketing sector jobs is also available in abundance here. Companies like Quikr, Jabong, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc are setting up their own business outlets in Delhi. To fulfill the increasing demands of the customers they are coming out with new plans, ideas and products every day.

In order to make these products reach the customers extensive marketing is needed. So, they are hiring more and more able professionals to give their ideas a shape giving rise to new marketing jobs in Delhi. Numerous category specific companies are also there who require marketing professionals for their daily campaigns.


Working in Delhi also comes with numerous other advantages along with a handsome salary package. You have the chance to understand the latest technological trends and the job trends of the national capital. Finding a job here is not a tough job either as most of the companies keep uploading their requirements in the internet. Being the capital city of India all other necessary facilities are also available easily which makes life easier.