The team behind that beaming smile: understanding the cosmetic dentistry journey

The artistry and skill of a cosmetic dentist combined with the precision of new technology are the ‘team’ behind a successful smile makeover. Creating a new smile is not only about aesthetics – it is as much about restoring the function of your teeth as it is about increasing satisfaction with your appearance. Cosmetic services such as enamel shaping and dental bonding correct chipped teeth and take years off your smile. Traditional wire braces or invisible braces not only reshape crooked teeth but also correct issues with your bite.

The team behind that beaming smile

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Working with your dentist

Your cosmetic dentist is key to a positive cosmetic dentistry experience, evaluating the physical condition of your teeth and collaborating with you to ensure you will be happy with the final results. Your journey starts with sharing what you want with your dentist in terms of features such as the colour of your teeth, their shape and how they are positioned. Your dentist is also likely to use digital imaging technology to show you how you will look after undertaking treatment.

Benefits of cosmetic imaging

According to expert dental surgeon Lorin Berland, cosmetic imaging improves the diagnosis and your dentist’s ability to plan your treatment. Cosmetic imaging also means that your cosmetic surgeon can help you to select and design the smile that is right for you from a library of digital smile designs. Your chosen smile design is digitally positioned on a picture of you so that you can see how you will look and ensure that the treatment will meet your expectations.

What to expect from treatment

Your treatment plan is likely to require more than one visit to your dentist. If your treatment includes veneers or orthodontics at practices that offer Cardiff invisible braces, such as, the first step is preparation.

Braces will require a scan of your mouth to determine measurements, while your teeth will need to be filed down to make room for veneers. Both treatments include a wait while the veneers/braces are made to precise specifications.

Once you have healed from any previous treatments in the preparation stage and your dental products are ready, you can complete the process. It is important to attend any follow-up appointments to ensure that the treatment has been effective.