The trials of Cranky the Crane.

Once upon a time there was only a handful of characters in the Thomas the Tank Engine series as written by the Reverend W Awdry. It’s interesting to think of what the good Reverend would make of his creation considering how much it has grown in terms of characters and merchandising. Hopefully he would consider the additions all good especially one that likes to keep an eye on all the engines from his lofty position in Brendam docks. I am referring to the certainly well named character Cranky.

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Cranky is a self important crane who seems to think it is socially acceptable to moan at everything and everyone who wanders or chuffs by. You can tell by the expression of Thomas and James’s faces that when the Fat Controller tells them that they have to work in the Docks they are not happy about it. This is because they have to prepare themselves for a triade from the grumpy device every time they go there. “What is this? Ask Cranky day!” he responds after they have asked a few general queries.

How they must have wished that the Brendam Docks management had gone and got a Davit Crane from a company like These are much better for loading and unload cargo from ships. However this great big metal monster Cranky is what they are all stuck with.

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Perhaps we should spare a thought for the old crane as he can’t go anywhere else on Sodor and all he sees are the docks and ships. It can’t be that much fun loading and unloading all day. Having you name emblazoned down the side of you isn’t nice either. It does get a bit much for the engines when they are constantly referred to as “little bugs” by him. This was borne out when after a storm Cranky fell over and Thomas and Percy had to pull him back up again. Although he did say thank you he still called them “little bugs” and Percy, thought of in general as being quite the mild mannered even timid engine, in a rare show of anger steamed off in a huff. Sadly, he was still attached and so he ended up pulling Cranky over again.

The only person who seems capable of putting up with him is the diesel engine Salty. Perhaps because he likes to tell so many tales and legends of the sea (despite never being on it) that Cranky has reached a point of saturation so he can’t be bothered to comment anymore.