The World’s Most Important Medical Breakthroughs

Without some of these important medical advancements, the field of medicine, health and science would simply not be at the stage it is today. Thanks to successful research ad studies carried out by Clinical Research Associates such as those from the clinical solutions provider, people have been cured from chronic diseases and overcome serious health implications.

The Worlds Most Important Medical Breakthroughs

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Here are some of the most important and influential health and medical breakthroughs that have occurred throughout history:


Anesthetic allows patients to undergo surgeries that would otherwise be impossible to endure. The immense power of ether has allowed people to have life changing surgeries, lessening the intense pain that would otherwise be unavoidable.

Organ Transplantation Surgery

Before people realised that organ transplants where even possible, thousands would perish from organ failure and diseases that put their organs at risk. Now however, people are able to go through kidney transplants, liver transplant and even heart transplants.


It isn’t a surprise that vaccines save lives. They help to defend people against serious viral infections and diseases such as smallpox, polio and tetanus etc. Without vaccines, many of us would not be standing here today. Viral infections tended to spread like wildfire before the introduction of vaccines but now we are able to battle the illness and defeat it with a simple injection.


Communicable disease can now be treated effectively and often permanently thanks to the medical advancement of antibiotics. According to ABC News, the discovery of antibiotics was accidental. Sir Alexander Fleming noticed that a mould had completely killed Staphylococci bacteria that was left behind in a petri dish, eventually leading to the discovery of penicillin.

Heart Surgery

Unfortunately, heart disease is one of the most common fatal diseases in the world. However, treating this devastating illness has become a lot more efficient and effective thanks to the advancement in medical technologies. Surgeons are now able to not only operate on the heart, but to repair the damages such as coronary artery bypass grafting and heart-lung bypass.

Radiologic Imaging

The X-Ray was the first development in radiologic imaging technology. It allowed doctors and health professionals to search for injury inside the body, rather than simply focusing on exterior evidence. Other advancements in this area includes CT scans and BMI’s.