Top Tips for Nifty Number Plates

It’s probably fair to say that the private number plates craze is well and truly alive and kicking across the UK right now, thanks in no small part to the way the web has made it easier than ever before to pick one up. There was a time when choosing and buying private plates meant getting in touch with specialist services personally and going about what was often a rather long-winded process of narrowing down the options and making the necessary arrangements. What’s more, private plates tended to be seriously expensive auto accessories and were therefore very scarcely considered by the masses.

These days, though things couldn’t be more different, with online services having made private plate-picking as easy as hammering in a few details and clicking a button or two. What’s more, there are so many plates to choose from that full customisation has never been more possible – likewise for picking up quality plates for the lowest prices ever.

But assuming you’re planning to buy a plate and hold onto it for the long haul, what kinds of tips should you follow to make the most of your money? There may not be any such thing as the ‘wrong’ plate per se, but how can you make sure you make the best possible decision when buying your first private plate?

1 – Choose the Right Seller

Well, first of all it’s a good idea to only ever shop with a trusted and established seller with a reputation that breeds confidence. The reason being that there is of course an important administrative and legal side to the purchase and allocation of private plates, which in turn means that to side with the wrong seller could land you in a whole lot of trouble. What’s more, all private plates have a certain market value the likes of which there’s really no point paying in excess of, so it’s a good idea to shop with those who guarantee their prices as the lowest you’ll find.

2 – Use a Comprehensive Search System

Another element to be on the lookout for is a comprehensive search system, as opposed to a pre-set bank of plates from which you have to make your choice. The ideal scenario is on whereby the buyer gets to try out all manner of different letter and number combinations in order to see what’s available and for how much. Better yet, the site may even give its own suggestions as to how to go about creating a genuinely unique plate by combining letters and numbers in clever ways.

3 – Explore Interests

When it comes to the long-term value of the plate you’re looking to buy, it can be in your best interests to think a little broader than the obvious standard of your name or your initials alone. If, for example, you’re into a certain sport, you could find a way of getting this into the plate. Or if there’s a certain type of music you’re pretty much obsessed with, maybe go with this instead.

4 – Consider Resale Potential

Following on from the above point, it’s always worth considering the resale potential of the design you come up with. Sticking with the same example, you’re much more likely to be able to re-sell a number plate that refers to a popular sport than one with your exact initials that very few people may share. The more specific your plate is to you and you alone, the less likely it is to sell for a higher price next time around as you may greatly limit who it appeals to…assuming of course you do eventually plan to sell it.

5 – Factor In Double Meanings

Before going ahead with an order, it’s a good idea to have a good think about whether or not the word, initials or general look you’re going for could be misinterpreted. Chances are you yourself might only be able to see what it is you want to see, so give thought to having a couple of other people at least take a look at your idea in order to see how they interpret it.

6 – Go For Uniqueness

Last but not least, if you’re really looking to stand out from the crowd, then what you should be favouring above all else is uniqueness. Even in the world of private plates there so much near-repetition and so many common themes the likes of which see hundreds of private plates blurring into one – wholly diluting the appeal of the whole idea. Try out as many options as necessary until you come up with something you’ve genuinely never seen before.