Travel Experiences in Argentina

Mix of destinations in Argentina

In Argentina, the discerning traveler can be sure to find definitely luxury and unique travel proposals, with quality services and personal attention and the most amazing scenery. From the ice of Patagonia Perito Moreno glacier to the ancient peoples of the North in Salta, Cafayate and Jujuy. From Mendoza oasis in which, at the foot of the Andes, the finest wines are made and the biggest mountains of South America can be visited, to the big and sophisticated capital city of Buenos Aires and to the amazing and beautiful Iguazu falls.

In Argentina you can sail the South Seas in search of the white continent of Antarctica and perceive penguins and whales. In the land of the gaucho in Argentine pampas you can learn the rudiments of rural tasks and refine the art of the polo, on the back of this breed and the best Argentine style. Sampling the local cuisine, the hand of the most talented chefs makes cooking a real art. Taste wines from the New World and discover this limited edition in Mendoza Argentina. When at rest, you can choose between staying in palaces full of history, modern hotels, for stays of field or exclusive boutique hotels.

Adventurous activities in Argentina:

In addition in the beautiful country you can find landscapes of infinite shades because Argentina offers several travel proposals to experience nature with all the adrenaline. The rivers are ideal for rafting enthusiasts, kayaking and water skiing. The Summits which are the highest of America like Aconcagua mount challenges the most experienced climbers. Deep blue skies for who dare to paragliding in Cordoba. In the Atlantic coast there are beaches that invite windsurfing, kite surfing and sailing flight. Under the waters, diving barrier: for experts and newcomers in Puerto Madryn Argentina. On the ice of the glacier Perito Moreno, hiking dream. In the parks of Patagonia like Bariloche and Lago Puelo, extreme trekking. Among the hills, on the banks of rivers and lagoons, and palm trees, hiking trails nearby. In the jungle of Iguazu Fall, bird watching.  In the mountains, ideal for cycling paths. In the Pampa plains and among the mountains, gaucho rides. Towards the end of the world of Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego, exclusive cruises and helicopter flights. A pure adrenaline, adventure and live in Argentina.

 Culture activities in Argentina:

In Argentina you can also find a lot of culture apart of nature. For instance you can see walls that tell stories of ancient cultures in Salta and Jujuy in the northwest of Argentina. Footprints originating carved by man in the beginning of time. Mysterious markings on stone. Ancestral Celebrations in Santa Cruz Province in the south. Stories founding times of independence eras and deeds that move. Inheritance Jesuits cast in the artisanal know. Gaucho traditions. Ceremonies European influence. Touching manifestations of faith. Popular festivities. Festivals in the light of the moon. Tango and Soccer: sung passions, devotions are encouraged. Andean landscapes Celebrations in height. Peoples of pristine beauty. Adobe churches. Cultural havens among colorful hills. Adventures riding in the footsteps of the Liberator. Dirt roads that are made in the style of the gauchos. Red dirt paths in the jungle talk time missions. Time Travel. Historic Trains. Unique experiences. Deep passions. All of that are the cultural landscapes of Argentina.