Understanding Ugandan tourist visas

The landscape of Uganda, with its vast rainforests, bustling towns and towering volcanoes, is unlike any other in the world. If you are planning a trip to this colourful country, here are three things you need to know about Ugandan tourist visas.

Understanding Ugandan tourist visas

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Basic visa information

Most visitors will need a valid visa to enter Uganda. According to the World Travel Guide, visas are obtainable either in advance from a Ugandan embassy or high commission for a fee of £65 or upon arrival in Uganda for a fee of $100 (£70).

A valid passport is required with at least six months left to run after the date of entry to Uganda. Any visitor found not to have appropriate finances for the duration of their stay, return tickets or obligatory travel documents may be refused entry. For a smooth entry process it is best to ensure you have your return tickets, cash or bank cards and relevant travel documents to hand in case you are required to present them.

You will also be required to present an authorised yellow fever immunisation certificate at the point of entry into Uganda. Immunisation takes 10 days to become effective; therefore, it is vital this has been organised in advance.


There are plans to introduce an e-Visa system that requires visitors to apply for a visa online; however, the date for the implementation of this has not yet been confirmed. It is therefore important to keep up to date with the latest information, which can change at short notice, by contacting your Ugandan embassy or high commission.

East African visa

As reported by Global Travel Industry News, strategic partners in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, such as the Uganda Tourism Board and Uganda Wildlife Authority, have forged a partnership and now offer a combined East African visa. This allows visitors to move freely between each country, remains valid for up to three months, and costs £70.

If you are planning a gorilla trekking holiday through a specialist travel company such as http://www.steppestravel.co.uk/uganda, this type of visa would be well worth considering.

Whether it is the rich culture, sweeping scenery or majestic and varied wildlife that is drawing you to Uganda, soak up the atmosphere and enjoy your trip.