Wacky Wears

While it’s normal to follow trends in fashion, we should not knock an individual’s right to express themselves and dress in any way they want. However, there are some trends that are just so bizarre that we would indeed do a double take if we saw them on the street. Fashion is constantly evolving and there have been some iconic trends that have stood the test of time but also some that should be buried in the tombs of fashion failure and completely forgotten about. Here we take a look at some of the weird but not wonderful trends that thankfully haven’t become permanent fixtures.

Meggings – yes that right, leggings for men! Harking back the Elizabethan era, these come in all manner of colours and patterns but what might have worked for Shakespeare just won’t cut it anymore and it’s a relief that these don’t seem to have taken off.

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High waisted jeans – for some reason these jeans don’t look comfortable or fashionable and why not stick to the old saying ‘if it’s not broken…’ Denim jeans are an iconic part of fashion and the current styles are just fine so surely we don’t need another one that would have us all looking like Simon Cowell? For Mens Designer Clothes, visit http://ejmenswear.com/.

Eye jewellery – this one might make you cringe and is not one for the squeamish. This bizarre trend started in the Netherlands and involves inserting precious metal studs into the eyeball! Seriously? I can’t see this particular trend taking root. Surely it’s dangerous and downright painful? Let’s keep studs in ears, noses, eyebrows and other fleshy parts but not eyeballs!

Tails – ever wished you could wag your tail like your dog? Well, now you can in Japan. You can purchase a body controlled tail which responds to how you’re feeling via a headset and heart monitor wired to the fluffy bottom accessory. Let the world know when you’re bored, happy, grumpy or frisky!

Facekinis – most people will use a high factor sunscreen and wear a big, floppy hat to avoid the harmful rays of the sun getting to our face. However, the Chinese have taken it one step further and introduced the face-kini. These colourful masks cover all but the eyes and mouth and are worn to protect fair complexions. Unlike the West, where the tan is the ultimate in skin glamour, having a tan in China is seen as common and peasant-like.

Pointy Boots – think extreme Elf and you’ll be on the right track. This trend started a few years ago in Mexico and involves men wearing sequined boots with 3-4 foot long foam extensions on the toe of the boots which should curl up at the ends. The boots are worn when competing in dance competitions and have become popular among fashion-conscious kids in dance clubs.