Ways a conveyor can help your business

The goal of any distribution centre is to deliver goods ordered in a complete and timely manner. A centre will only achieve this if it makes its processes as efficient as it can and this includes how those goods are handled.

The goal of a production facility is also to ensure materials are being handled in the most efficient way to enable production schedules to be kept. If these handling processes are not efficient, targets will be missed and then orders won’t be delivered in time. The solution? A conveyor belt.

  1. Lower unloading times

The unloading of raw materials or products is the start of any production or distribution process with nothing else being able to take place until this stage is completed. Orders cannot be picked if the goods aren’t on the shelves and production cannot begin until materials arrive. To speed up the unloading process, a conveyor makes good sense. Moving the materials or goods quickly to where they need to be means production or order picking can begin immediately.

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  1. Faster order processing

Every distribution centre wants to achieve a speedy and complete delivery to their customers. Any tool that makes order processing more efficient and streamlined is a no brainer. Conveyor belts help to streamline this part of the process making picking and packing more efficient as pickers can place items on the belt before packers place the goods inside boxes or packaging. For a range of Telescopic Conveyors, visit a site like https://fmhconveyors.com/products/telescopic-conveyors/

  1. Speed up workstation handling times

Goods move from station to station in a production or distribution facility, so making this movement as efficient as possible is important to avoid delays in production and delivery. By automating the goods handling process between stations, everything can be completed in a quicker, smoother manner.

  1. Better Quality Assurance

This means different things depending on the facility. For production factories, it means checking there are no defects with products. For distribution centres, it means that the correct goods are being sent out to the customer. Quality assurance can therefore prove to be a time-consuming process and mistakes can be made if time is tight and staff are rushing. Conveyor belts help significantly, leaving staff free to quickly check for defects or errors as products move past.

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Conveyor belts can significantly improve many aspects of the complex procedures inside factories, warehouses, distribution centres and production facilities. They can greatly shorten the time spent on the initial unloading phase. They can speed up the handling of goods and materials between different workstations. They improve the time spent on order processing and streamline the laborious job of quality assurance.