Examing the Pros and Cons of Park Home Life in 2020

Many UK residents are cottoning on to the advantages of buying a residential park home. A sense of belonging, a reduction in living costs and low maintenance are just some of the key benefits. What other benefits are there, and are there any disadvantages to consider?

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Advantages of park home ownership

There is a sense of community amongst park home owners and you will get to know like-minded neighbours quicker than in a standard residential area. If you have lived in a large family home or period property for much of your adult life, you will seriously appreciate the low maintenance of a park home. Smaller, easier to clean and with far less to go wrong, park homes are ideal for those who have had enough of home maintenance. Ground-floor living is also the perfect choice for retirement, with park homes usually more cost-effective than bungalows or ground-floor flats.

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If you are planning to sell your home to purchase a park home, the cost may well be considerably less than the value of your home. Selling your family home to buy a park home might free up much-needed capital to help you through retirement; alternatively, this money could be used to help your children get onto the property ladder.

When most people think of park homes, they think of rundown or drab caravan parks; however, there is a new breed of distinctive residential parks, especially in the South West. Those looking for park homes for sale in Gloucester should consider some of the UK’s more refined residential parks available through companies such as http://www.parkhomelife.com/..

Disadvantages of a park home

You may well find that your park home is significantly smaller than your family home. This needs careful consideration by those who like large spaces; however, remember that less space means less cleaning! When you buy a park home, you own the building but not the land and you are restricted by the policies of the park. It is good to make yourself aware of your rights before you buy, just so you can be clear. This is especially important for elderly residents.

For many people, especially retirees looking for an easier life, the idea of moving into a park home offers numerous advantages. Why not look into a park home investment and start your new life?