What can you do with your Garden in the Autumn?

With the nights starting to draw in, and the Christmas gifts and chocolates starting to appear in the shops, we don’t tend to think that much of our gardens at this time of year. Many people believe that Spring is the season for being busy in the garden, but there are plenty of things that you can do in the Autumn to ensure that by Spring your garden is looking great and you won’t have as much to do – meaning you can enjoy it more!

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As the nights begin to cool down, bring plants that are more sensitive to the temperature drop inside and put under cover to protect them ready for next year. Do this fairly early on in Autumn, as you don’t want them to become damaged by the first frost of the Winter!

You can plant a lot at this time of the year as well, meaning that your garden will come to life as soon as Spring comes, and you will be one step ahead! Wallflowers, and any Spring bulbs can be planted during the Autumn.

It is the best time to do a bit of garden maintenance – make sure that everything in the garden is in good repair – for example make sure that everything is secure and not at risk of being blown away by any Winter storms! Keep on top of the falling leaves and dead-head any plants that require it, to keep them looking their best!

If you want to give your garden a bit of a makeover, or are considering laying a new lawn, this is the ideal time for it – you will have everything ready for the warmer months, so you can then enjoy your hard work in the Autumn. If you are laying a new lawn, do it in the early part of the Autumn if possible, and although the ground is best when it is moist and still quite warm, make sure the soil is not too damp when you do it.

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If you have any building work or want to add a shed or another structure, like an outdoor room or one of these Worcester Summerhouses from http://worldofsmile.com/summerhouses-and-sheds/it is a good idea to do it now. Whether you want to add a new garden shed, or a huge outdoor living area, by starting your project in the Autumn, you will have the maximum amount of time to complete it and then all you need to do in the Summer is enjoy it!