What happens during your thread lift appointment?

The world of beauty is a complicated and ever changing one. It appears that there has been a trend in moving away from traditional cosmetic surgery treatments into those that produce more natural results and that do not require full surgery. These are known as non-surgical cosmetic treatment and one such option is a thread lift.

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But what is a thread lift?

The results of this kind of treatment are similar to that of a standard facelift but there is no requirement for you to be put under a general anaesthetic and the recovery time is much quicker. Essentially small medical grade threads are placed into your skin using a very small needle and these threads then list the skin, tissue and muscle underneath to produce a smoother skin texture which then leads to a more youthful appearance. The threads that are used have been around for numerous years and have been used in surgical applications. It has been found that these threads can help to stimulate the body to produce collagen which is what causes the skin to naturally appear fuller. Collagen is often used in skin products to help when the levels start to deep during a person’s early 30s.

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Thread lifts can be used around the face and neck, buttocks, breasts, arms and thighs and the stomach area meaning that is it an incredibly versatile procedure. It has taken over many of the traditional surgeries such as full facelifts and liposuction in allowing both men and women to achieve the appearance that they wish without the risks of full surgery and the lengthy recovery periods.

The threads that are positioned in the skin become anchored in the bodies tissues as collagen builds around them meaning that the look that you want can be achieved and lasts. Following on from your procedure there may be some slight bruising in the area that the threads have been inserted but these will ease relatively quickly. The professional conducting your treatment will talk through any worries that you may have about the procedure and will give you a post treatment plan to follow to help reduce any swelling or bruising that may appear meaning you can enjoy your new look as soon as possible.