Why do I need a brand?

If you’ve been asking yourself this question about your business then chances are you’ve been thinking about the future of your business. The answer is you need a brand so others don’t brand you. If you don’t define your brand then the world will assign one to you which you have no control over. Letting customers define you will limit you to their perceptions. Far better to have a carefully and strategically planned one based on your beliefs and values than to be restricted by what others think you are capable of. A brand is your business’ destiny and if you don’t define it and manage it then you are at the mercy of others.

You might think that it’s pretty obvious that you’re delivering what you say you’ll deliver and that customers will flock to you when they hear what a superb job you’re doing. You might think that your employees or colleagues all inherently understand the company ethos and culture just by working with you but you might just be assuming too much. However, there are plenty of hard-working, good businesses that have gone out of business because they couldn’t attract the right customers and didn’t have an easily recognisable set of attributes.

A brand is your promise of value. Take a minute to think of the big names that you rely on to deliver or over-deliver time and again. You may even feel a certain emotional connection to these brands and this is what you should be seeking for your business. Your brand is a value promise consistently delivered across many platforms. In this digital age, we are bombarded constantly by branded messages and so it’s crucial that you stand above the rest and be more than a logo, sales sheet or website. These things are important elements of connecting with your customers but they are only a part of the story.

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Don’t have the time to create a brand? Get a little help from a Brand and Strategy Innovation Agency. For more information, visit www.lightbulbinnovation.com/. Branding is probably the most important part of communication with your audience. Branding is more than having a logo. It is about communication, attention, importance, dominance and honesty. There are plenty of people and businesses out there that think they have the best looking logo in the world but in-fact it isn’t, actually it is downright awful to the point where the business is actually putting customers off their services and they venture elsewhere.

A brand for a small business will bring increased credibility, make you look bigger, enable you to stand out in your field, give clients a sense of stability and show what practices differentiate you from your competitors. It also shows a long term commitment to your business and demonstrates a real sense of pride in what you do.