Why Doctors Want to Work as Locums

Although making the decision to leap from a permanent doctor role into locum work can be daunting, recently there has been an increase in the number of doctors wanting to work in this area, whether this is doctors at the beginning of their career or those more experienced embarking on a less traditional way of working.

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The demand for doctors is endless, and finding a role for a locum doctor is fast, which inevitably means that work is available with a variety of opportunities. This gives multiple options of which area they would like to practise within and also gives a chance to travel and choose specific locations.

Advantages of a Locum Doctor

One of the biggest advantages of locum jobs is the opportunity to be flexible with their own schedule. Annual leave can be taken when needed, and work can be planned whenever it is convenient for them. This is becoming more attractive to doctors who wish to choose contract work which fits into their daily routine. They can take a break without difficulty.

It goes without saying that medicine is a highly demanding career with increasing workloads and pressures. Locum jobs can be invaluable for long-term planning and patient-focused care. More doctors are wanting to work as a locum, as they are able to mix and match their workload. By working in a variety of settings they are able to get a taste of working in different environments, which further builds on experience and gives the opportunity to be familiar with many different specialities. It also keeps every day different and can potentially lead to specialist training posts if they find an area they enjoy and work in a few times. You can learn about GP locum jobs from the GP Locum Agency.

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Financial Incentives of Working as a Locum Doctor

GP locum jobs can provide an additional income, and contracts can be as short as a week to facilitate the needs of the doctor. Many locum doctors will receive higher hourly pay rates, giving an unlimited earning potential depending on availability and willingness. This is enticing for doctors, as it means working less for higher pay and maintaining a good work-life balance.

Unsurprisingly, many doctors are wanting a taste of this way of working to explore further options and control their own career.