Write Facebook Headlines Like This and Maximise Your Shares

Getting a social media headline right can be hit or miss – when it’s a miss, you may as well have not posted anything at all but, when it’s a hit, you could get hundreds if not thousands of shares and see your reach expand. Here are some tips on how to write the perfect Facebook headline.

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The Importance of Context

It goes without saying that content and context are highly important when sending a message out to the world (yes, your post has the ability to travel across the globe so there’s yet another reason to not waste the opportunity!). Don’t bother writing things that are best suited to another platform like Pinterest, for example, as these types of headlines are only going to lose their impact.

Understand what Facebook followers want as opposed to Pinterest fanatics – for example the term ‘on a budget’ has been found to be a roaring success on the latter social media platform, with popular searches for DIY hacks being carried out, whilst the phrase appears to be a dismal failure on Facebook.

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Strike up Emotion

It’s vital to connect with one’s audience on an emotional level, so trying to relate to them with humour or compassion can take your post further. Emotional headlines that feature interactions like “can’t stop laughing” or “give you goosebumps”, for example, have proven to be very effective, with individuals responding to and engaging with the content that follows (or precedes) it. There are plenty of examples of emotive Facebook headlines going viral.

Don’t limit yourself to just words. Sometimes video content or images can speak volumes and put your message into the words you simply couldn’t find. Note that visual audience stimulation is far more international too. The key is to test and test and see what your audience reacts best to. However, you can also choose to consult PPC campaign management services such as http://www.elevateuk.com/ppc-management/, to help you build your Facebook campaign and get it right from the offset.

How Can Brands Like Buzzsumo Help?

Buzzsumo is a content marketing solution provider that helps to provide data like the above through studies carried out on social media headlines. They analyse engagements, shares and comments on Facebook to help companies to fine tune their marketing strategies and campaigns.