Jammu And Kashmir – Celestial Beauty Surpassing The Human Imagination

Jammu and Kashmir is such a heavenly place on the earth and no one can ever get enough of this amazing tourist destination. Often termed as the ‘paradise on earth’, Jammu and Kashmir is situated in northern most part of India and tourists from all over the world visit this place to experience its scenic beauty

Kashmir – nature’s unparalleled creation
The varied landscape of this place is full of blooming gardens, dense forests, historical sculptures, ever flowing rivers, huge mountains and rich culture. The extraordinary landscapes and gorgeous Kashmir valleys are always fascinating. The lavish beauty of this place changes with every season to steal the heart of visitors and thus creating a memorable experience of lifetime.

In winter when the mountains are snowcapped, there are plenty of options for tourists including ice skating, heli skiing, Sledge riding and ice hockey. In morning, when the sunlight touches this beautiful valley, it feels as if the whole place is under the nature’s care. Few of the most important tourist places in Kashmir are Srinagar, Phahalgam, Sonmarg and Gulmarg. Srinagar is the capital of state and represents delightful tourist places like Dal Lake, Shikaras, classy houseboats, Mughal gardens and Manasbal Lake. Gulmarg is beautiful hill station with gigantic Himalayan peaks. Ideal time to visit this place is winter season when there is heavy snowfall and the place also boasts of its highest cable car in the world. Phahalgam also known as the village of shepherds and has many breathtaking views to offer for nature lovers. Sonmarg is situated in the valley of Kashmir and famous for its scenic backdrops, snow carpeted mountains and romantic tourist attractions.

Jammu – the winter capital
This winter capital city is also known as ‘city of temples’ as tourists can locate many historical temples and mosques at this place. Visitors can easily visit this place as the airport is just few kilometers away from the city and well-connected through rail and roads. Some interesting places to visit are Raghunath Temple, Amar Mahal, Purani Mandi, Bahu Fort and Old City. All these places have historical importance and represent the cultural heritage of this place. The place is also famous for its local food ‘Rajma-Chawal and other foodstuffs like chocolate burfi, Kalaadi, sund panjeeri and patisa.

Historically, this place is ruled by Dev dynasty and Dogra rulers. Later on this place was under the influence of Mughals and ultimately went into the hands of British. During summer, the climate of this city is very hot while in the winter it falls below freezing point. The best time to visit this place is winter and you can also get the help from tour and travel guide.

Leh Ladakh – the perfect holiday destination
Journey to Jammu and Kashmir is just incomplete without a visit to Leh and Ladakh. This place is full of beautiful locations, has its own cultural heritage and the Buddhist monasteries are really eye catching. The land is quite different from other places in India and it’s advisable to go on a road trip while touring this area. Adventure sports and recreation adds extra flavor to your trip. Adrenaline pumping adventures such as river rafting, trekking, mountain climbing and paragliding are worth every penny while visiting this adventure capital of the state.

Various monasteries such as Thikse monastery, Hemis monastery, Royal Monastery and Spituk monastery can enrich your spiritual experience.  Various Bollywood movies are shot in the scenic environment of Ladakh and you can experience the same aura with your own eyes. The roads in Ladakh are among the highest altitude roads in the world so you must be careful while experiencing the thrill on its roads.

All the three parts of Jammu and Kashmir are visited by thousands of tourists from all over the world. At some point the tourist influx was reduced in Jammu and Kashmir due to violent situations but as now the place is quite peaceful, loads of tourists are visiting this place to experience its astonishing beauty. If you are willing to visit Jammu and Kashmir, you must start planning well in advance. You can get information regarding the tourist packages from online or offline tour makers and also book hotels according to your choice and preferences. If you are willing to book cheap hotels then you should start the booking procedure well ahead of your tour. You can also book ‘shikara’ for you and your family to enjoy your vacation on the houseboat.  The best season to visit Jammu and Kashmir is winter where everything is below freezing point and covered with thick blanket of snow.